Nadine Capelette Bamboo Crop Top

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This cape-style crop top made with bamboo and organic cotton spandex jersey is an elegant and comfortable way to spruce up your wardrobe. The capelet features a crew neck with inner binding and reinforced side seams. The bamboo and cotton fibers give this top an extra soft feel.

DEVINTO is a sustainable and ethically conscious label that is designed and produced locally on Cape Cod using natural and eco friendly fabrics without compromising style. DEVINTO designs are equally focused on comfort, glamour, and fair principles when it comes to the creation and production of garments. DEVINTO style is at once feminine and empowering, elegant and defiant, while remaining simple and comfortable. DEVINTO strongly adheres to the belief that while style and glamour should be easily accessible, our planet and its inhabitants should not be aversely affected by our need to express ourselves. That is why DEVINTO designs are made of ethically sourced natural fabrics and every piece is made to order to minimize waste and overproduction.