the Story

We believe that true design embraces organic nuance, mindful and timeless. We are proud creators and carriers of this delicate expression of Alternative Minimalism. A terms coined by Kristin to describe her approach to art and design. Deeply influenced by Taoism and Sacred Geometry, Kristin merges her beliefs with her attraction to deeper and Gothic modes of style, redefining luxury, grounded in aesthetics that are equal parts bold and simple.

Kristin is an interdisciplinary artist and architectural designer. Her travels and intersectional experiences created a vision of the world where all solutions are possible. She calls her approach to design Social Sustainability, a focus on design solutions that are not only ecologically correct but political, economic, and social as well.

The Grant Design House is a holistic design studio.  We are a collection of independent designers and builders who seek to elevate the human experience through the principles of mindful design; a design approach that places users' time, community, and well-being at the forefront of decision making. We are committed to creating long-term sustainable relationships with our built environment, as opposed to flashy or fleeting products. Where much of the fashion and design industry is built to perpetuate cyclical trends of consumption, production, overstimulation, and trend following, we consciously oppose this business ideology. 

We believe that the best design works in harmony with nature to create a transformative engine for change. Through conscientious design principles, we cultivate meaningful relationships with the environment and communities we serve.  These principles are in part industry standards for sustainability–such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification–as well as principles found in Taoism and Feng Shui. With the end-user in mind, The Grant embodies a lifestyle of alternative minimalism that simultaneously holds space for both the modern and ancient design sensibilities.