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Hand-Carved Organic Walnut Warrior Gauge

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All Natural Wood 
Walnut finish

You are purchasing hand carved materials, so there will be slight variances in diameter, color and design between pairs. When filling your order, we select the pair(s) that are the most beautiful, rather than a replica of the image you see on our website.

 Organic materials should not come into contact with water or humidity, as those elements (along with a change in altitude or climate) can cause it to warp, crack, or break. Direct sunlight can also cause warping, cracking, or breaking, please make sure to store your jewelry in a dry dark space. We are not responsible for breaks or cracks in the jewelry that occur after delivery and/or during wear. Please don't sleep in your jewelry, as it may break.

 If you would like to shine up any of the horn, bone and wood, Jojoba Oil works great. Organic jewelry does dry out over time, so applying a miniscule dab of Jojoba Oil to a toothbrush, sponge or cloth and then gently rubbing it on the jewelry will help moisturize it. Make sure to remove any excess oil with a paper towel.  Our jewelry is for healed piercings only and not to be used for the process of stretching.